Worm Food


The mighty Kenku of Iuz have fallen. One point of the triad has been destroyed

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Hunter Is Found

Gog and friends have finally rescued hunter. Some worthy events.

1. Zosiel tomb has been found and a artifact of air recovered.

2. Artifact is currently being studied by a wizard named Stran

3. Filge is working on what are these green worms

4. Balbanar-Schmenk is supplying the triad to make some extra cash, but he is now afraid that there is a worm problem.

5. The Triad is made up of three cults. Vecna, Orcus, Iuz.

6. The Feral Dog is burning down to the ground and Thunk was drained by Lord Drake and is currently working the fields at night.

7. The party is now down in the atrium of the Triad.


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