Remmy is the considered the Ol’ Crazy lady by the impish rascals. She tends to the fields of Lord Drake sentenced evil beings. Right before the sun sets she goes and asks if these beings are sorry for there vile acts of crueltey. The impish rascals have only seen this once where a spirit of a lady left the skeleton and the skeleton turned to a pile of ash. The plaque that she wore read “Sentenced to spiritual bindning for stealing children and draining there life force for her ownself to keep herself young. Punished for eternity until she repents”

The impish rascals when they were younger would throw rocks at the skeletons in the fields or put torches into there rib cages or tip them over and Remmy would drive them off. On a good not she would provide them essentially medevil tv inside of the temple of Sharae.


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