Lord Drake

Lord of Sparkle Lake


Lord Drake is known to be some kind of outsider being. His origins is unknown but the people of sprakle lake seem to love him for his generous nature and his ability to rule the town with law and order. The townfolk also like the protection he gives them as well as the monthly dividends for better than expected performance from mining. Lord Drake does have a quirk about him that has caused a lot of temples of various faiths to reside in his town. his quirk has caused these temples to keep an eye on him for they do not know how they feel about what he is doing. His quirk is that he drains beings of the most vile of nature of their life. He then binds there soul to an animated skeletal representation of themselves until they truely feel sorry for the crimes they committed. Lord Drake has 6 others that help him with this task. Local legend tells that one of the members has died a while back. Lord Drakes has a huge scroll made of granite that is mounted on a pedestal in the center of the courtyard that reads “It is our duty to make sure that these vile beings souls are not allowed to come back again and wreak havoc among us and to others in other planes of existence”

“Will someone please shut up that ghost boy!”Drake2

Lord Drake

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