Goblin who worships Sherae Goddess of fire and the sun


Gog who is known as MeGog is a goblin who lives in a village just outside of a mining town. He is part of the impish rascals. He is currently helping out his gang to find their dog Hunter.
“No, I did not eat the dog!”
“No, the weapon I carry is not a dog slicer”

Few weeks later….

See I told ya I did not eat Hunter, he is quite healthy

MeGogs goal is to show that B.O.B (Big Orange Ball) is the best firery thing ever that goblins could ever get to have. First you must be able to read ot learn how to use its power! Oh the horrible words! Megog has a huge mountain to climb to persuade his golin kind that words bring big badda boom fire!


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